Details About the Property

The property consists of 110 acres of land divided into 47 very large lots. The acreage per lot ranges from .83 to 5 acre lots.

Multiple adjoining lots are still available at this time.

The entrance to St. Cloud Estates is gated and is located directly on US 58. The roads throughout the property are newly constructed, paved and are 18 feet wide to accommodate the largest RVs. Every site has been completed and all utilities are ready for use. The electric has been oversized in anticipation of motorhome requirements for the largest RVs.

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Lot #AcreagePrice

Lot 22 ac$58,650

Lot 31.38 ac$59,500

Lot 42.11 ac$69,500

Lot 5-Sold

Lot 6-Sold

Lot 7-Sold

Lot 81.66 ac$93,500

Lot 91.68 ac$93,500

Lot 101.58 ac$83,500

Lot 111.59 ac$83,500

Lot 121.39 ac$68,000

Lot 131.75 ac$61,000

Lot 141.68 ac$61,000

Lot 152.11 ac$61,000

Lot 16--

Lot 171.60 ac$61,000

Lot 181.55 ac$85,000

Lot 191.57 ac$98,000

Lot 20-Sold

Lot 21-Sold

Lot 22-Sold

Lot 23-Sold

Lot 24-Sold

Lot 25-Sold

Lot 26-Sold

Lot 272.00 ac$110,500

Lot 28-Sold

Lot 29-Sold

Lot 302.81 ac$86,500

Lot 312.45 ac$86,500

Lot 32-Sold

Lot 331.62 ac$76,500

Lot 34-Sold

Lot 35-Sold

Lot 36-Sold

Lot 373.34 ac$110,500

Lot 383.25 ac$110,500

Lot 392.46 ac$110,500

Lot 401.44 ac$76,500

Lot 41-Sold

Lot 422.92 ac$89,000

Lot 433.76 ac$89,000

Lot 444.93 ac$89,000

Lot 453.28 ac$85,000

Lot 462.61 ac$102,000

Lot 472.63 ac$95,000

Aerial Photograph of the property: